What's now. What's next.

About Nextness.

STW Group is the southern hemisphere’s largest marketing content and communications group.

We’re made up of more than 75 companies, specialising in disciplines from advertising to PR, from government relations to digital.

We work with some of the world’s biggest companies and Australasia’s biggest brands. We use our knowledge of what’s now in business and the market to give our clients the immediate results they demand. And to help them prepare for the future, we know what’s next.

Well, as much as anyone can.

That’s where Nextness comes in.

This blog will be our space to analyse the business we’re in: streamlining systems, improving processes, learning, managing, growing. It will also be a space to develop our understanding of the harder-to-quantify but equally important aspects of our business: creativity, insight, trends and inspiration.

Our modest hope is that in six months, a year, two years, our blog archives will function as a history of the future unfolding one day at a time.

Whether you work at STW Group or would like to, if we work for you or might do, should the focus of your work be business or creativity or both – we hope you’ll subscribe to our RSS feed, Twitter, Tumblr or email updates, and join us.