What's now. What's next.

About STW Group.

STW Group is Australasia’s largest marketing content and communications group, made up of more 75 specialist companies.

Our group covers the breadth and depth of every communication discipline: from advertising, business strategy, market research, digital communication, and public relations to production, branded content, retail and promotional marketing, sports sponsorship and management, and corporate, employee, and multicultural communication.

We work with Australasia’s biggest brands and some of the world’s biggest companies.

And with WPP as a minority shareholder and a partner in a number of our businesses, we’re tapped into a global network with sister offices around the globe.

Our clients look to us to deliver the immediate results they demand whilst preparing them for the future they will face. We make it our business to keep one eye on our clients’ business today – and one on what’s around the corner.

That’s why we focus on four words: What’s now. What’s next.