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On the mind of… writer, KISS fan and internet-lover Elmo Keep.

by Nextness published August 8, 2011 posted in Insights

Well known genius, Elmo KeepToday we have a guest post from a brilliant individual (shockingly) not from STW Group to assist in our never-ending quest to bring you the most fascinating tidbits from the internet and the planet. She is the writer and well-known general genius Elmo Keep. Here is what’s on her mind.

1. Amy Hempel. In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried.

This short story by Amy Hempel is one of the most anthologised, ever. It was also the first short story she ever wrote, written in a class run by Esquire fiction editor, Gordon Lish. I have reread this probably about two dozen times, and I never get tired of it, there’s always something else to find in it. I’m obsessed with understanding how it works. Amy Hempel is a writer who considers her work at the sentence level.

2. Tess Lynch.

Tess Lynch

There is nothing that Tess Lynch writes that isn’t worth reading. Lately I’m really loving her series of vignettes about a caveperson.

3. #longreads.

I’m really emboldened by the #longreads trend, it’s proof that people love long form journalism, which is encouraging as someone who writes it.

I just have this hostage column open on Tweetdeck all day, and I bookmark things to read later in Instapaper. I usually spend Saturdays unplugged, catching up on all that reading, which is my idea of nerd heaven.

4. FLUD app.

FLUDThis app has the most unbearably wanky description, the less said about which the better, but it’s a really terrific piece of software. The move towards a beautiful web has already happened on tablet devices. FLUD has a lovely interface which makes anything you’re looking at appear gorgeous, plus it has very simple and powerful integrations with everything from Twitter and Facebook to Instapaper. Goodbye, ever opening a browser again.

5. Vimeo on Tumblr.

I’ve written elsewhere about why Tumblr is so fantastic (and so have you!), so to choose only one is criminal, I know. I love the Vimeo community, but there is a lot of stuff going up there every day, it can be hard to know where to look. The editors now have a Tumblr where they’re posting the latest staff picks. This is where all video content poised to go viral will appear first. Like this beautiful time-lapse of Los Angeles which took six months to produce.

6. The War in Hisptamatic.

This is very divisive, the move towards iPhone photography in journalism. As a storyteller, I’m very interested in using only available tools which don’t require specialised skills and thousands of dollars worth of gear to produce (though obviously that also produces great work). Journalism is about moments, and capturing those moments as honestly as possible, I don’t think that the medium through which they are seen is prejudicial. This project is part of a larger one called Basetrack, which is a multi-platform digital experiment in war reporting.

7. Letters of Note.

Iggy Pop | Letters of Note

If you haven’t come across this website, and there is a small chance that’s true, then start with this letter from Iggy Pop to a young fan written in 1995.

“So hang on, my love, and grow big and strong and take your hits and keep going.”

9. Nevver/This Isn’t Happiness.

Nevver | This isn't happiness

Nevver’s site, This Isn’t Happiness is not one of the most frequented blogs on the internet for nothing. To have to follow only one person on  Tumblr (what a horrible notion!) would be a pretty impossible choice between Soup Soup and Nevver.

10. Levins.

Levins is a very clever chap, who in addition to throwing great parties, also runs an awesomely artery-hardening food joint with his girlfriend called The Dip, in Sydney at Good Good Small Club. As great as those contributions to the city are, Levins is in reality the greatest photobomb artist in the world.

Annnd, a bonus: Cats That Look Like Ron Swanson.

I don’t think that a “look inside my brain” would be complete without something cat-related. So here’s something that combines two of my great loves: internet cats and Parks and Recreation. It’s that or a toss-up between this (remembering there’s a F*ck Yeah Tumblr for whatever you’re into.)

Elmo Keep is a writer and journalist, lately of ABC 1’s ‘Hungry Beast.’ She also writes for Meanjin, the Big Issue, the Awl and Rock’s Back Pages, among others, and is currently writing a book about KISS, “the world’s most awesomely ridiculous rock band.” She works as a digital media producer at Zapruder’s other films (purveyors of such fine televisual wares as The Gruen Transfer). You can find her work here, follow her on Twitter or keep up with her adventures with KISS on the seven seas, here.





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