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Beautiful, vibrant, innovative Asia: the blogs you need to follow.

by Nextness published October 17, 2011 posted in Inspiration

INDIA | Big Bang Studios
KOREA | Thank you, ok
JAPAN | hello sandwich
It’s Autumn in the northern hemisphere, and one day soon it will snow in New York. When that happens, our Twitter/Tumblr dashes will be so filled with “Snowing?” “SNOW!” and blizzard shots it’ll feel like it’s fallen on our doorsteps.

But if our entire streams are Australia/USA/UK-based, we’re missing out. Our Asian neighbours are beautiful, vibrant, innovative countries unique in their cultures and history, full of incredible art and design, campaigns, trends, memes and fashion. And as innovators and communicators, it’s all stuff we need to know.

What follows is a list of English-speaking Asian-based blogs that we regularly follow here at Nextness.


  • Expats: The India archives of Big Bang Studio.
  • Life:This is Sheena, photographer/writer living in Bombay. | wearabout, photographer/writer living in Bombay.
  • Advertising:Bhatnaturally, a survey of mainly Indian advertising by the India-based VP of draftfcb.
  • Art and design: Random specific, a graphic designer/creative director who’s lived in India | Indian by design, a highbrow site that celebrates and shares “creativity in India/by Indians.”

India and South Asia.

  • Art and design: Masala Chai, billed as “the first and only blog featuring South Asian Art and Design from around the world.”



  • Life: Thank you, ok’s Seoul archives | Hasisi Park Tumblr, Flickr and website.
  • Art and design: Art and Seoul, “aim to reflect the diverse society of young artists and thinkers in this city in order to build a bridge of mutual understanding between Seoul and the rest of the world.”


  • Life: Casual Poet, culture + lifestyle company based in Singapore since 2007.


  • Expats: Hello Sandwich, an Australian artist and graphic designer living in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo
  • Life: Jolly Goo, “Tokyo and Japanese stuff through Tokyoite’s eyes and lens.”
  • Art and design: Spoon & Tamago, which asks “what’s going on in the Japanese art and design industry and where is it headed?” | Big in Japan, established in June 2009 in Australia by ksubi and Kirin as a “platform for cultural exchange.”
  • Trends: JapanTrends, run by a company called CScout to help people “understand the Japanese market and its consumers.”
  • Popular posts tagged “Japan” on Tumblr.

Asia overview.

  • Social media: Barney Loehnis, Ogilvy Asia Pacific Digital Lead | Asia Digital Map, a collaborative group blog authored by all parts of Ogilvy Group across the Asia-Pacific region | Thomas Crampton: Asia-Pacific director of social media for Ogilvy & Mather.

Who are we missing?

  • This list is nowhere near complete, and is a work in progress. Comment or tweet @STWnextness and we’ll add your favourites to the list!

With thanks to people who helped put together this list:  @soosixty@runningtarget@samwhiteman@thankyou_ok



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