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Nextness visual diary | Athan Didaskalou

by Nextness published July 27, 2011 posted in Inspiration

In Nextness Visual Diary, we highlight the top pieces of art, craft, video and design that grabbed us in the past week or so. This week’s visual diary is curated by Athan Didaskalou, digital strategist at Ogilvy Melbourne. Follow him and his finely-curated links on Twitter @ath.

1. People staring at computers.

I love this. Guy installs software on Apple Store macs that recognises you’re face and takes a picture. We all look at the screen with such discontent, when the world is at our fingertips.

2. Batman does beautiful.

Batman | Liam Brazer

Beautiful and striking re-interpretations of pop culture icons from animator Liam Brazer.

3. Crime never sleeps (except at 3am).

Crime never sleeps

Interesting to see visual data that shows what time crime happens in American cities. Common trend? Crooks sleep at 3am.

4. Spacesuit of the week.

Space suit | Fox is Black

Favourite blog The Fox is Black has a weekly spacesuit post that showcases how the iconic dress has made its way into design culture.

5. Skating India.

Something old + something old = something new. Oxelo skaters take on India.

6. Impossible, made possible.

The Impossible Project walks us through the numerous processes involved in creating the iconic Polaroid film.

7. Designy, cool, temporary tattoos?


You’re only one click away

8. Pencil shaving portraits.

Pencil shaving portraits

For the contributors page for Wallpaper* Handmade 2011 by Kyle Bean.

9. See something or say something.

See something say something

Beautifully plotting of where people post geotagged photos to Flickr, and geotagged tweets to Twitter. Highlights areas where people love to share.

10. CADEL!

Tour de France posters | Crayonfire

What a champ! Relive the joy with these colourful Tour de France posters by Crayonfire.

Athan Didaskalou is a digital strategist at Ogilvy Melbourne. Follow him on Twitter: @ath. If you work for an STW company and would like to curate a Visual Diary or On the Mind post, please email Nextness editor Jessica or tweet her @dailydoseofjess.


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