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by Nextness published April 2, 2012 posted in Inspiration

When our ECD Neil Lawrence talked about what inspired him, he mentioned his lifelong love of photography. It took a battering because of digital technology, where “you end up with three thousand photos but no time to look at them.” So he started again.

I bought a 1963 fully manual Leica and loaded it up with black and white film. It’s been a great experience, as learning things all over again can often be. It’s slowed me right down. I get to think about aperture, lenses, exposures: I’ve fallen in love with photography again, and occasionally get one I’m happy with.

Here’s to carefully assessing light and dark, the delicacy of manual focus, and butterflies-in-your-stomach while waiting to get your shots back. Today’s Visual Diary shares the work of film photographers who inspire us.

Jacinta Moore.

Jacinta MooreYou can’t risk this with digital. This photo of Moore bobbing in the waters off Italy’s Cinque Terre was taken on a disposable camera. Her blog bawkbawkbawk is home to film photos from her life as well as her commercial work | her portfolio.

Brian W. Ferry.

Brian W. Ferry“I think one of my favorite things about photography is the ability to grow and learn and develop your eye. I push myself to be open to new things and I am always trying to be observant and searching for new ways of seeing the world around me.” Brian W. Ferry. His blog | portfolio.

Victoria Hannan.

Victoria HannanA copywriter in London, Victoria Hannan records her life and travels with film. On February 29 this year she used the Leap Year’s extra day to meet and photograph 24 new people, the quirks of film, light and processing adding even more personality to her work. Her blog | Flickr.

Andrew Braithwaite.


By day Andrew reports to work as a digital strategist within STW Group’s Christie Street HQ. On the weekends, he’s snapping film.

Toi of Aprons and Birds.

Toi ToiVictoria, or Toi, of Aprons and Birds uses her photography to capture the every day. Her blog | Flickr.

Amanda Gilligan.

Mocking Bird“…what I can create with film just feels more like what I see in my head. It helps me to tell a story the way I want to tell it. I love that you never know what you’re going to get and that often there are magical little accidents that make my images a little messy and a little less than perfect.” Amanda Gilligan (her blog | Flickr) interviewed by Daniella Marie.

Who’s your favourite film photographer?


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