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Nextness Visual Diary | GIRLS

by Nextness published February 1, 2012 posted in Inspiration

Some inspiration today on the theme of girls, magic and making.

1. High tech low tech.

A Something Else by Natalie Wood “virtual look book” by Maya Villiger. “Cut and paste, it is the best ever melding of zine DIY and technology,” says Natalie Smith.

2. Dreamcatchers.

Dreamcatcher by Georgia PerryIn Native American culture dreamcatchers were woven and studded with charms to ward off bad dreams and keep children safe. This one’s by Georgia Perry (Sydneysiders you may have seen in its big brother in the window of Standard Store Surry Hills). And here’s a tiny one | a minimal one | more.

3. Horses.

beige_horse | Ulicam

The girl with 7 horses, a photo project by Ulrika Kestere.


Allergy season special by Vanessa Davis.

5. Women artists.

Shuli Sadé, Touching Space on ‘FYWA’ a 300+ page Tumblr focusing on women artists.

6. Layers.

Collage by Spanish designer and illustrator Eugenia Lejos, via Keep Feeling Fascination.

7. Patti Smith sings to her cat.

And more Patti.

8. Floral ice cubes.

These are by Martha Stewart. These are by preschool children.

9. Vanessa Bell.

Summer Camp by Vanessa Bell (1879 -- 1961), via LJA.

10. A room of one’s own.

In Vermont, two artists together for 18 years live in separate houses connected by a 20 foot bridge.


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