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Nextness visual diary | July 5, 2011

by Nextness published July 5, 2011 posted in Inspiration

Welcome to a new edition of Nextness Visual Diary, a round up of some of the tech, art, craft, film and work inspiring us right now. For more, follow our Tumblr.

1. On the road.

Two guys tour America -- but without ever leaving their homes.

2. McChatRoulette.

Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam work as a creative team and recently Twitter-hustled for a job. But this speculative answer to an imagined brief from McDonalds (“celebrate the democracy of the McDonalds brand”) really caught our eye.

3. Splitscreen: a love story.

Shot entirely on the Nokia N8 mobile phone, this charming minifilm won the Nokia Shorts competition.

4. A game of beauty is a joy forever.

Proun is a strange racing game in a world of geometric objects and large coloured surfaces. You avoid obstacles by rotating around a cable in order to gain as much speed as possible. There is no up or down; there is only the cable to which you are attached.”

5. Ahead of their time.

Charles and Ray Eames’ ‘do-nothing-machine’ was made as a design project for the Alcoa Forecast design program “in which America’s top designers were asked to design something special to be made of aluminium. The Eames office offered this colorful device, made for fun and education” -- and, 50 years ahead of its time -- powered by the sun. Via Eames Collector.

6. Dubstep bassline powered by your body.

A demonstration of “some dubstep wobble madness” manipulated live using the Xbox Kinect. A how-to here. PS, if you love dubstep, play with this.

7. Supermarket show.

Aisles turn to catwalks as Stolen Girlfriends Club invade New World Victoria Park.

8. Thread art.

Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri is an Italian artist who turns vintage photographs into canvases. “Using different coloured threads, he traces portraits with stitches and transforms ghost like images into eye catching, intricate designs.” Via Dazed Digital.

9. Animated embroidery!

Isn’t this incredible?

10. Once you see this…

Angry Birds | The Curious Brain

You’ll wonder how you never noticed it before.


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