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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | April 13, 2012

by Nextness published April 12, 2012 posted in Linkness

Miranda July | Paper mag

I’m probably kindest to myself in my work. It’s how I practice self-love. I’m cripplingly critical of myself in every other area, not permissive, not letting myself be free, and feeling like I’m doing every single thing wrong all the time. But in this one area I tell myself: ‘You can do no wrong. Let’s just try this. It’s OK.’ Like a really wonderful teacher or something.

More words of wisdom from Nextness favourite Miranda July. Welcome to this week’s Linkness.


  • New business market does a ‘Lazarus act’ in Q1 2012 | mUmBRELLA
  • Putting a hard metric on the “intangible asset” of leadership: in some sectors, good leaders can account for more than one-fifth of equity value. | Deloitte
  • A method for determining if a boss is self-aware (and listens well) | Bob Sutton



  • Why Facebook will become the most dangerous company on earth | Businesses Grow
  • Today is the most exciting time to be working in the internet | Made by Many
  • Advice for product managers | Ryan Singer



  • Story-centered design: Hacking your brain to think like a user | Design Staff
  • How we will read: the future of reading | Clay Shirky
  • The complete text of Bruce Springsteen’s SXSW keynote address | Rolling Stone
  • The business case for investing in UI design | Co.Design
  • The curse of the freelancer | isaac likes

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