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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | August 10, 2012

by Nextness published August 10, 2012 posted in Linkness

Sharks and fish

If you only read one thing.


  • Managing your moods for more effective leadership | Fast Company
  • The Credit Illusion: “as maturity develops and the perspectives widen, the smaller the power of the individual appears, and the greater the power of those forces flowing through the individual” | NYTimes.com
  • Perhaps we are not so much caught in a “busy trap” as a “meaning trap”. | Harvard Business Review
  • Managing email realistically | Matt Gemmell
  • Simplicity’s best friend: small groups of smart people | Farnham Street
  • On losing and winning pitches | W+K welcome to optimism


  • 3 commonly missed benefits of Lean and Agile: moving as a team, understanding customers and informed strategic decisions | @SaintSal
  • Three interesting pointers for the future of TV | Storythings


  • Four ways the Internet could go down | CNN.com
  • How Apple and Amazon security flaws led to my epic hacking | Wired.com
  • ASB rules brands are responsible for all fan comments on Facebook | mUmBRELLA
  • Of bears, bats, and bees: making sense of the Internet of Things | design mind


  • Briefing for participation: A business problem is a behavioural change in disguise. Think about network insights, not (only) consumer insights. Move from “the single thing we want to say” to “the single thing we’re going to make or do.” | Planning in High Heels
  • Why your Olympic sponsorship won’t work | Harvard Business Review
  • Why great ideas get rejected | 99U


  • How to create great social content (but are people really that bad at reading?! Some people love it) | We Are Social
  • Related: The craft of writing and our community | Ill Seen, Ill Said
  • UX design at digital agencies is f*cked | RossPW

On Nextness this week.

  • The delicate art of the video lookbook. | NEXTNESS
  • Use imagination to achieve high score: the beauty of side projects. | NEXTNESS

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