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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | August 31, 2012

by Nextness published August 31, 2012 posted in Linkness

Enjoy some robot swagger! And now Linkness.

If you read only one thing.

  • Where does your organisation sit on the empathy-apathy spectrum? | Whitney Hess


  • Why remote workers are more (yes, more) engaged | Harvard Business Review
  • Every leader is an artist | Harvard Business Review
  • My paleo media diet: What would happen if we turned off, opted out, and completely disconnected ourselves from the technology that runs our lives? | Lifehacker
  • What successful people do with the first hour of their work day | Fast Company



  • See the digital become physical in Google’s web lab | Co.Create
  • Merchants and shoppers sour on daily deal sites like Groupon | NYTimes.com
  • SEO isn’t what you think it is: Updates to Google’s algorithms mean that social engagement, rather than search engine trickery, yields top results. | Fast Company


  • “OK! Let’s see this amazing product you’ve built! This shrine that inspired four million people to become your fans. And they look at each other, and they look at me, and they say, Product? Shrine? And then I realize that they don’t have a product. They don’t have a shrine. They have a Facebook page.” | Contents Magazine
  • To BE or not to BE? People want good entertainment, branded or not | Moon Blog
  • Let’s agree that I don’t know you: In a world of strangers, the act of recognizing who you are has value. But increasingly that personalized greeting is becoming commoditized | Jan Chipcase
  • Niall Ferguson and the rage against the thought-leader machine | Harvard Business Review


  • One of the best pieces of creative advice I was ever given | Hey Whipple
  • How I write | Only Dead Fish
  • The rise and fall of grunge typography | The Awl
  • In praise of bokeh: the dilemmas of TV filming | BBC News
  • The talent myth: How to maximise your creative potential | The Independent

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