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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | February 17, 2012

by Nextness published February 17, 2012 posted in Linkness


Look guys they’ve made us a tshirt! And here’s Linkness, our weekly wrap up of relevant reads.


  • Are you learning as fast as the world is changing? (Don’t you think this should be Nextness’ new tagline?) | Harvard Business Review
  • Apple Chief unveils a new product: himself | NYTimes.com
  • 100 rules for NASA project managers | Astech Engineering
  • How to have more Sheryl Sandbergs | CNN.com
  • Why companies fail: why is corporate turnaround so difficult and rare? The answer is often culture—the hardest thing of all to change. | The Atlantic
  • The lessons of Steve Jobs (not what you might expect: this post focuses on 4 entrepreneurs scaling back work to focus on family after reading Jobs’ bio) | kottke



  • If 2012 is the year of Big Data, it will likely be the year vendors and consultants start to over-promise, under-deliver, and put processes in motion that will generate insights and potential risks for years to come | Fast Company
  • GE and Big Data: connecting the dots around Super Bowl spots | Brand Channel
  • Big Data’s impact in the world | NYTimes.com


  • What’s this Pinterest website? (A great intro to Pinterest for beginners) | WSJ.com
  • Pinterest: what it’s *not* says so much. “The beauty of Pinterest is that it doesn’t manufacture a need.” | MediaShift
  • Pinterest: a shocking example of women using the internet | The Mary Sue
  • Those millions on Facebook? Some may not actually visit | NYTimes.com


  • Psychologists identify Twitter and Facebook personality types | WSJ
  • The disadvantages of an elite education | William Deresiewicz
  • Manage customer’s expectations in social channels: save the brand’s ass | AdPulp
  • The new water cooler is a TV show: millions watch shows about shows, and discuss them | WSJ.com
  • Why Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ makes everyone cry | WSJ.com


  • Brainstorming doesn’t really work | The New Yorker
  • Why being sleepy and drunk are great for creativity | Wired.com
  • Jonah Leher on the three types of creativity and how brainstorming doesn’t work | Fast Company
  • The Tavi Gevinson Interview | WBEZ


On Nextness this week.

STW Group news.

  • STW lifts earnings in tough advertising market | The Australian
  • STW tallies solid revenue boosted by digital | B&T
  • Profits grow at STW | mUmBRELLA
  • STW reveals full-year results | AdNews
  • Profile of our Executive Creative Director (and CEO of Lawrence Creative Strategy) Neil Lawrence | The Power Index
  • This is a love story: on rebranding the Mardis Gras | Moon

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