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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | January 4, 2013

by Nextness published January 4, 2013 posted in Linkness

Painting Myself Into a Corner, 1979 by Keith Haring via austinkleon.

Welcome to the first 2013 Linkness! Not everyone’s back at work so we’ve kept it fun; here’s a selection of fascinating things that won’t feel like a chore to read with your iPhone on full-brightness at the beach.

If you only read one thing.

  • The abundance of slowness: “By accepting the status quo of long hours and trying to play the hero, I compartmentalized our studio’s creativity into the box of client work. I didn’t think of running a business as a creative endeavor. It didn’t occur to me how vital it was to carve out time for rest, play, and personal creative pursuits. I was running a sweatshop, when I should’ve been running a smartshop. I wasn’t in charge.” | Medium


  • Big idea 2013: put a content engine inside your company | LinkedIn



  • On being a senior engineer: maturity is key | Kitchen Soap
  • Latency – the sine qua non of AR and VR: “how complex and subtle it is to present convincing virtual images ” | Valve
  • “The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories,” VC Marc Andreessen says. “People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.” | USA Today
  • My master plan for revolutionizing the future of publishing and saving tablet-native journalism | Marco.org


  • The life lessons hidden in reality TV | NYTimes.com
  • “Instagram is what happens when the majority of images a generation has seen in its lifetime are advertisements.” | Russell Davies
  • Tenth grade tech trends | Medium
  • Persuasion and coercion: We’re persuaded when we feel we’ve understood something well enough to make up our own minds | Slate Magazine
  • Facebook Poke and the tedium of success theater: Snapchat/Poke “capture a behavior my closest friends and I had already begun to adopt: The practice of showing each other where we are at any given moment in time, either through a short video or photo of our workstations, our faces as we lie half-asleep in bed on rainy Sunday afternoons, a look into our lives that is reserved for only those closest to each other. It is an acknowledgement that the version of ourselves we share through other social media is not the truest one, and has not been for a long time.” | NYTimes.com
  • “Thanks, Mom, for not telling the world I pulled a knife on you. “Parents should be the first line of defense to protect their children’s privacy, but sometimes they aren’t. In those cases, children have few avenues for protection or defense.” | NYTimes.com
  • The story behind Mitt Romney’s loss in the presidential campaign to President Obama | Boston.com
  • Why women will shape the advertising landscape in 2013 | Women2


  • Jerry Seinfeld intends to die standing up | NYTimes.com
  • Behind the cover story: Jonah Weiner on Jerry Seinfeld’s perfectionism; his “working borderline obsessively to express that idea more cleanly and efficiently — to perfect the little laugh-delivery machine he’s constructed and to clear out the grammatical gunk, however microscopic, that’s gumming up the works.” | NYTimes.com
  • The flâneur approach to user experience design | UX Magazine


  • Twenty Twelve: Mooners talk about their major trends/noticings of the year on the Moon Blog

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