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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | June 8, 2012

by Nextness published June 8, 2012 posted in Linkness

Yayoi Kauma for Louis Vuitton. Dotty! Happy Friday, everyone. Have you seen our new STW Group website? Explore it! And now here’s Linkness.

If you only read one thing.

  • Making choices in the age of information overload. “Economists have a name for these cues that companies employ to convey their hidden strength: signaling.” | NYTimes.com



  • The agency business is dead | Business Insider
  • The perfected self: B. F. Skinner’s notorious theory of behavior modification was denounced by critics 50 years ago as a fascist, manipulative vehicle for government control. But Skinner’s ideas are making an unlikely comeback today, powered by smartphone apps that are transforming us into thinner, richer, all-around-better versions of ourselves. The only thing we have to give up? Free will. | The Atlantic
  • We’re creating a culture of innovation | Joe Kraus Blog


  • The unique cultural challenges of marketing to China’s new middle class | Fast Company
  • Why working-class people vote conservative | The Guardian
  • In Europe, downward mobility is now a reality | guardian.co.uk
  • How the art market thrives on inequality | NYTimes.com


  • Great UX continues with motivation: how to continue to earn respect and clout as UXers within our organizations | Johnny Holland
  • Curation and the questions no one is asking | Mark Armstrong
  • Take a leaf out of improv comedians’ books and adopt the “Yes, and…” approach: less ego, more openness, more possibility | The 99 Percent
  • Our emotional attachment to interfaces. “Changing your profile layout is tantamount to some stranger running up and giving you a haircut against your will” | Cyborgology

On Nextness this week.

  • 10 things Junior’s loving right now. | NEXTNESS
  • TEDxSydney 2012: Third time’s a charm. | NEXTNESS

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