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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | March 2, 2012

by Nextness published March 1, 2012 posted in Linkness

Black Mountain College Dance | mondoblogo

A huge Linkness today.


  • Digital strategy and recommendations from 22 year olds: do they really know the client’s business at all? | MF’in Daniels
  • How to do what you love (classic post from 2006) | Paul Graham
  • 5 great ideas to getting your new business pipeline in tip top working order | Wrestling Possums


  • Innovation and the Bell Labs Miracle | NYTimes.com
  • Apple sales would have looked very different if Steve Jobs hadn’t been “worried at the point of greatest success” | Dave Trott
  • Q&A: Ogilvy’s John Bell on the future of social business | Econsultancy
  • If Android is a “stolen product,” then so was the iPhone (on stealing as innovation) | Ars Technica


  • Why Obama will embrace the 99 percent: forecaster Nate Silver assesses the President’s re-election chances | NYTimes.com


  • The mounting minuses at Google+ (Google’s new social network is not doing that well) | WSJ.com
  • “In the next couple of years, everything’s going to be fine for Facebook.” But then… The Long Bubble | Traffick
  • The brutal truth about social media: it’s OK to be a little antisocial | Advertising Age
  • Twitter sells tweet archive to marketers | Telegraph
  • Twitter: the modern day complaint department | Shopify
  • Facebook’s new, entirely social ads will recreate marketing | Fast Company


  • Are comments over? Discussion has moved elsewhere leaving the comments section of most sites a bewildering mess | exitcreative
  • Despite global economic gloom, the world is a happier place than it was before the financial crisis began | The Economist


  • The “urge to be appealing is a terrible encumbrance to the creative spirit” | Schmutzie.com
  • “We made a solemn vow not to take any job outside of show business.” A magician on how to make it | Brian Brushwood
  • On analog designs in the digital age. “Skeuomorphs (bits of design that are based on old-fashioned, physical objects) are hobbling innovation by lashing designers to metaphors of the past | Wired Magazine
  • 12 point program for absolutely, positively 1000% no-fail guaranteed success (scroll down halfway for the list) | Jesse Thorn
  • The writer’s job: since when did being a writer become a career choice, with appropriate degree courses and pecking orders? | The New York Review of Books
  • A new, noisier way of writing | NYTimes.com
  • Ignore everyone: how to be creative (revisiting this classic post from 2009) | gapingvoid
  • A flighty mind might be going somewhere: the art of distraction | Hanif Kureishi, NYTimes.com
  • Graphic designers are ruining the web | The Observer


  • Fear of social spoilers drives live TV viewing, finds survey | Lost remote

On Nextness this week.

  • You can’t escape Gen Y: here’s how to manage us. | NEXTNESS
  • More kids to see their first shows thanks to OgilvyOne Melbourne’s charming DM campaign. | NEXTNESS
  • If you want to stop the loss, it’s time to act now. | NEXTNESS

STW Group news.

  • Ogilvy & Mather showcases big changes for KFC | Australian Creative
  • In Australia, Ogilvy wins Vodafone | AdNews
  • Moon’s Linda Jukic is a guest speaker at AGDA’s Monday March 5 event: ‘Pink is the new blue; where the hell are all the women?’ It’s in Sydney. Get your tickets for this important discussion at AGDA
  • DTDigital’s Brisbane-based strategist Adam Corney has been named among the top ten finalists in ad:tech’s Digital Young Guns Shoot Out competition. Vote for him!
  • Bohemia wins Harris Farm Markets | mUmBRELLA

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