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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | March 22, 2013

by Nextness published March 22, 2013 posted in Linkness

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If you only read one thing.

  • How to use conflict to unlock creativity. Best quote of the piece: “Ok, you care deeply. Great. But you squeeze an egg hard enough and it will break. I find creatives sometimes forget that the client is the one taking the real risk. It’s their money. Your passion needs facts. Anticipate their worries. Prep yourself.” | Co.Create


  • Why organizations are so afraid to simplify | Harvard Business Review
  • What you know, what you do, and what you own. The importance to creative companies of running Long Projects. “This isn’t the short burst of contact you get on a campaign. It’s a deep relationship that only gets more interesting and valuable over time, as the feedback you get starts to change your ideas about the project.” | TEST
  • How to be happier at work | Inc.com
  • Confidence without ego | Laws of Simplicity


  • The five pillars of Myer’s turnaround | Business Spectator
  • Book publishers scramble to rewrite their future: a succint summary of the challenges facing publishing | Wired.com

Data and technology.

  • Google Reader shutdown a sobering reminder that ‘our’ technology isn’t ours | Forbes


  • What’s holding women back in the workforce? | Daily Life
  • In the US, younger generations lag parents in wealth-building: “In this country, the expectation is that every generation does better than the previous generation. This is no longer the case. This generation might have less.” | NYTimes.com
  • Deep attention vs hyper attention: two different ways of engaging, and neither is necessarily the ‘correct’ one | 99U
  • “Enjoy the barbecue while you can. This will be the last SXSW that agency folk make a big deal of.” | Digiday
  • I miss long thoughts: “When I observe how I consume information, I’ve become increasingly aware of how little actual deep information I’m consuming.” | Rands In Repose


  • Brevity in design (just like in writing) | Jared Erondu
  • What makes a great screenplay? | The Guardian
  • No to NoUI: “Invisible design propogates the myth that technology will ‘disappear’ or ‘just get out of the way’ rather than addressing the qualities of interface technologies that can make them difficult or delightful.” | Timo Arnall
  • Related: The cloud is heavy and design isn’t invisible: “Sometimes I wonder if the desire to obfuscate production and make the resulting design invisible or seamless to users diminishes their appreciation for the craft of building systems.” | Frank Chimero
  • Are you telling the right story of your life? | The Creativity Post
  • On keeping a notebook in the digital age | Medium
  • Can brands dance? Sir Martin thinks so | AdPulp

On Nextness this week.

This week, Nextness was home to ‘Five trends disrupting the communications industry,’ an in-depth report by James Collier (@james_collier), Head of Digital and Partner at STW’s Bohemia Group. These are the five trends he identifies:

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