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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | May 4, 2012

by Nextness published May 4, 2012 posted in Linkness

Deutsch LA's key startups and trends chart

A nice wrap up of 2012 trends and start ups by Deutsch LA. Welcome to a bumper edition of Linkness!

If you read one thing.


  • A primer on strategy | Farnam Street
  • I am ashamed of my greatest failing-but at last I am beating it | Wrestling Possums
  • The next big thing | Umair Haque, Harvard Business Review
  • Talent wars: agencies are battling Silicon Valley for the best people. Here’s how they can win | Adweek
  • Marketing capabilities the key to brand acquisitions: Investors reward companies that buy stand-alone brands they can market better than the sellers did | Strategy Business


  • “Meaningful” startups | Chris Dixon
  • Turntable.fm: where did our love go? “I can tell now when people say, ‘How’s it going?’ they mean, ‘You’re flattening, aren’t you?’” | Inc.com
  • The companies combatting climate change in the most innovative ways | Co.Exist
  • Is innovation fueled by conflict or cooperation? | Harvard Business Review
  • Agile, social, cheap: The new way NPR is trying to make radio | Nieman Journalism Lab



  • Can a brand be “too sustainable to fail”? | Brand Channel
  • Easter Island, choice, and making things people want | smithery
  • Making is marketing, marketing is making | smithery
  • How to fix Popchips’ racist ad campaign | Anil Dash
  • Aussie consumer confidence falls to pre-GFC levels, 1/3 of Aussies think we’re in recession | mUmBRELLA
  • How to tell if your agency is integrated | John St.
  • Isn’t it about time that advertisers and agencies were brought to account for the way they pollute our lives? | The Sell! Sell! Sell! blog
  • Facebook urges members to add organ donor status | NYTimes.com
  • Nine articles ‘for women’ that journalists should stop writing | The Atlantic Wire
  • Kickstarter advice from the guy whose e-paper watch raised $7.1M | Co.Design
  • Why first impressions don’t matter much for experiences | Farnam Street
  • Australian brands need a marketing masterclass | Marketing Week


  • It’s time to socialize the creative brief | Facebook Studio
  • The reading renaissance | NYTimes.com
  • Simplicity isn’t simple | FINCH
  • The director and the techie: Music-video maker Chris Milk and Web guru Aaron Koblin use crowdsourcing to make beautiful art together | WSJ.com

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