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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | October 26, 2012

by Nextness published October 26, 2012 posted in Linkness

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Please don’t freak out at how long today’s Linkness is – it’s just that there’s lots of great STW news as well as the best longreads from around the internet. Rest assured, you absolutely have our permission to skip all the STW news/brags if you don’t work here!

If you only read one thing.

  • There’s been a great response to James Ross-Edwards’ What is a copywriter? Should I be one? Pass it on to anyone who’s ever asked what you do for a living – or wants to do it too.



  • An intimate portrait of innovation, risk, and failure through Hipstamatic’s lens | Fast Company
  • Think new. Think big. Think quick. | Wrestling Possums


  • Dark social: we have the whole history of the web wrong | The Atlantic
  • Why the Google era may be over (in other – less dramatic – words, search levels have declined for the first time) | Business Insider
  • Facebook and Twitter more tempting than sex: study | SMH
  • “Cowbird’s mission has always been to build a public library of human experience — and not to build another social network (the Web is full of those).” | PSFK
  • Frog’s Mark Rolston: the ‘Minority Report’ interface is a ‘terrible idea’; also, remove the “computer” from computing, making it a diffused and transparent part of our daily lives | The Verge



  • ” Just because we can make anything look arty doesn’t mean everything is art, or even interesting.” Rip off the filters – we need a naked Instagram | Wired.com
  • The ad industry has all of the big budgets of Hollywood and all the manic news focus of the media, but, unlike those industries, nobody goes out of their way to congratulate ad people on all of their hard work. So the industry must constantly congratulate itself | Gawker
  • 7 basic types of stories: which one is your brand telling? | Adweek
  • Stand-up comedy without the stand-up. Or the comedy | NYTimes.com

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