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Linkness. What we’ve been reading | September 27, 2013

by Nextness published September 27, 2013 posted in Linkness

Online reviews by Tom Fishburne. Welcome to a new edition of Linkness!

If you only read one thing.

  • How to go beyond the storyboard and the long explanation to bring your idea to life with a prototype | Iain Tait and Ben Malbon


  • “I don’t feel euphoric on the up, and I don’t slit my wrists when it goes down,” Tim Cook on Apple’s share price. Apple chiefs discuss strategy, market share – and the new iPhones | Businessweek
  • The five cognitive distortions of people who get stuff done | Farnam Street
  • Your boss works for you | Boxes and Arrows


  • Larry Page: “…don’t be surprised if we invest in projects that seem strange or speculative compared with our existing Internet businesses.” Google launches Calico, a health company focused on extending life | LA Times
  • Recognize intrapreneurs before they leave: they are the “energized people who are willing to do everything they can to fight off internal resistance without creating chaos” | HBR
  • “Like yoga, entrepreneurship is also something to be practiced, and the practice itself is the best way I know to become a smarter, stronger, better entrepreneur. The hardest part is starting. We really need more women to start, and fast.” | WSJ

Data and technology.

  • The pageview’s days are numbered (so no more slide shows, thank goodness). But what will replace this metric? | Digiday
  • Unbundling: AOL, Facebook and LinkedIn. “Tech history is full of dead companies that had mediocre product but great lock-ins. Eventually, the lock-in always goes away.” | Benedict Evans
  • How Google taught itself good design | FastCo Design
  • The Kinja publishing platform: Gawker wants to encourage more voices online, but with less yelling | NYT


  • Love to loathe you: why we ‘hate-read’ the work and Facebooks of people we don’t even like | NYT
  • “Here’s this thing I wrote…” On women and self-promotion | NY Mag
  • Public enemies: social media is fueling gang wars in Chicago | Wired.com
  • The market failure of first dates | Pricenomics
  • Genius economist Jeffrey Sachs was certain he knew how to rid the world of poverty. This is how he failed | PS Mag
  • What does manhood mean in 2013? | New York magazine
  • “Your casual acquaintances on Twitter are better than your close friends on Facebook.” On weak ties | Wired.com
  • The liquid self: social media, where we are always on the record, “doesn’t capture the real messiness and fluidity of the self, fails to celebrate growth, and is particularly bad for those most socially-vulnerable”. Can non-permanent forms of expression, like Snapchat, help? | Snapchat


  • How to write less badly | Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Branded and owned by GE, run by Atlantic Media Strategies, Ideas Lab is a test for brand journalism | Nieman Lab (a must-follow blog on the future of journalism)
  • In defence of copyright (and against those who are devaluing quality content by declaring it should be free) | Elmo Keep
  • Characteristics of effective creative teams | Farnham Street
  • “People love thinking about themselves, and getting someone to like something—or to “like” something—seldom requires much more than giving them the chance to celebrate their own personal history.” THIS | New Yorker

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