New Zealand

Assignment Group is the result of starting with a blank piece of paper and designing an advertising agency for today – today’s clients, today’s people, today’s talent. 

We provide informed, independent advice that brings a fresh perspective to problem solving and opportunity creation. Advice that can be turned into action. We work best with senior management, solving issues that are important to them.

Assignment has turned the traditional hierarchy upside down. Rather than simply kick-start, oversee or supervise, our senior people are the ones that do the work. We have grown carefully and selectively, hand picking the best in the industry.

Once the idea is crafted, we hand pick the best in the business to bring it to life. We have the luxury of being able to create bespoke teams for a project, matching the very best executional skills with the executional requirements. Our Client Service team manage our extended ‘Assignment family’.

We don’t have a standing army but rather a highly nimble strike force.

In summary;

We work in partnership with our clients
We focus on solving business problems, not just advertising problems
We advise what you should do, not what we could do
We only hire senior people
We don’t enter awards
Our only interest is in doing what’s best for our clients business

Work by Assignment Group

Shortland Chambers
70 Shortland Street, Auckland
Ph: + 64 9 366 0243

Vodafone House
157 Lambton Quay, Wellington
Ph: +64 4 910 7222

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