The opportunity to develop a new vision and brand strategy for Bell Shakespeare emerged as the founder, John Bell, took on a smaller management role, allowing renewed focus by the existing management team. The team was prepared to set the path for a future for the brand.

Starting with a brand architecture project to clarify Bell Shakespeare’s logo applications and relationships across business units, Moon developed a new logo system while building a unique set of brand tools that have proven to be highly distinctive and very effective. The brand role ‘Reimagining Life’ set the path for the new identity of the company and the campaign that Moon developed.

Bell Shakespeare now uses disruptive copy to capture the essence and personality of each of Shakespeare’s works in a modern context, forcing a rethink of how potential audiences think about plays that they might otherwise have dismissed as irrelevant. This dynamic copy really drives the Bell Shakespeare identity and works across all communication touch points on and offline.

A series of arresting A3 event posters make up the subscriptions package, highlighting all event information, adding focus and weight to each of the Bell Shakespeare events.
Just a month in to this campaign, subscriptions and ticket sales are exceeding forecasts by over 40%.

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