Bullseye and Blackmores have an extensive partnership building and enhancing Blackmores’ digital assets.

The core objective of this specific project was to improve the experience of eCommerce customers, extending the channel for sales across Blackmores’ businesses internationally.

The solution from Bullseye focussed on user experience, web design and the eCommerce Build including CMS set up and systems integration.

One of the challenges facing the Blackmores business was the ability to leverage their investment in content marketing to drive direct sales.
By enabling them to profile website visitors based on both their stated preferences and observed behaviours via profiling cards, the digital assets have helped Blackmores to deliver product recommendations across web, mobile and email whilst providing a simpler path to online purchase.

Historically, Blackmores offered a “members only” eCommerce experience on a separate and bespoke platform.   
Following this campaign, the customer experience has improved in the following ways:
– Qualitatively, they have reduced the steps in path-to-purchase from 14 to 4, streamlining the process and enabling future improvements and enhancements.
– The visitor experience is consistent across all devices and offered to both mobile and desktop customers
– Customers receive product recommendations and offers, based on stated preferences and observed behaviours
- Quantitatively, Blackmores observed a 600% increase to eCommerce sales.

By consolidating brand and eCommerce platforms, Blackmores can now update and publish across desktop, mobile and tablet. They also can leverage their extensive library of content with effective SEO and personalisation through content profile cards to provide unique engagement experiences. 

Blackmores are continuing to develop their channel strategy, including an automated lifecycle program, paid search and retargeting.

In a challenging retail environment, the potential to further develop the channel and enter new markets is one of Blackmores’ biggest opportunities for growth.

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