Breaka was looking to leverage their upcoming 2012 Surf Pro sponsorship to help build their Facebook presence. The target set was 10,000 – nearly double their current number of fans.

Knowing there was still a Wildcard up for grabs we asked Breaka if they would be willing to give the Wildcard away to an up-and-coming surfer from one of the local boardrider clubs. The concept – get grass- roots interest in the pro by getting the locals to vote for their favourite surfer.

Before the competition started we got the boardrider clubs to submit their two best up-and-coming surfers. We got each surfer to answer a profile questionnaire and upload images/video to support their entry. Come early Jan we opened the competition to the public.

People clicked through, rated their favourite boarders and told their friends. In day one we had 263 entries and the competition just grew from there. Through the competition Breaka’s facebook page got an additional 19,000 fans in the space of 6 weeks – 15,000 more than we had collectively targeted.


»  New Fans: From 6,100 to 25,100 in 6 weeks
»  Campaign Reach: 322 K
»  Viral: Got 1860 people talking