The brief was to create a site that users would want to shop on but also encapsulate the rich graphical nature of comics. So with our undies on the outside and capes at the ready, we set out to design and build an online shopping experience unrivalled in the comic book space.

First up was the new design. With a nod to the rich, dark colours and grid layouts of comics, our designers came up with a design that feels like a broody storyline and entices the customer to explore the site.

The development team also made sure the site is mobile and so it looks great while surfing with iPad on the couch, or using a smart phone on the bus.
We also made sure the site was usable
from the client’s perspective. Its content management system has been integrated with the Comics Etc point of sale system so updates to their stock and product listing (back of office) automatically filter through to the website.

The Comics Etc site was a great project that pushed the boundaries of what you can do on an ecommerce site. The end result was a polished, usable solution that’s SEO friendly, easy to navigate and fun to use.


        »  Launched December 2012
        »  Doubled sales in the first month
        »  12,888 visits in the first month
        »  Average visit of 5:02 minutes
        »  Average pages per visit of 7.46
        »  Average sale of $47.08
        »  Record sales on open day
        »  Due to increased international 
demand and visitation Comics Etc is looking to quickly introduce international shipping