We encouraged consumer participation in a week-long, cholesterol testing program. Using our path-to-purchase model across all touchpoints, it was an opportunity to assist the community, build brand equity, drive sales, gain market share and grow category.

Flora pro-activ contains plant sterols that help reduce cholesterol absorption. High cholesterol is a major risk leading to coronary heart disease which remains the leading cause of mortality.

Our challenge was two fold:

  • Audience Ambivalence: Research showed that 1 in 2 adults have high cholesterol – with only 1 in 5 aware of it. Furthermore, there was a misconception that cholesterol is an issue for the old or overweight. Rather, cholesterol problems are often hereditary. We needed to make this issue personally relevant to consumers.
  • Cluttered market: With so much noise in the marketplace with FMCG products making health claims and the emergence of new plant sterol product segments such as dairy, bread and cereal products to the market, Flora pro-activ was keen to maintain it’s market leadership position.

Our objectives:

1. Actively immerse the country in the battle against cholesterol

2. Educate & encourage consumers to get their cholesterol tested

3. Maintain market leadership while growing the cholesterol lowering spreads category by 5%

4. Increase sales by an ambitious 15%

5. Build and leverage retailer partnerships

To deliver on all our objectives, our strategy consisted of the following phases which needed to work seamlessly together:

1. Raise the issue 

2. Make it relevant 

3. Provide the solution 

Collaboration was key: We engendered support from healthcare professionals, retailers, local, state and federal departments and health bodies, plus all parties involved in implementing the campaign to deliver this ambitious testing campaign.

The campaign included:

  • Healthcare professionals campaign including: 
  • Extensive PR of the George Institute study 
  • Trade advertising and advertorials in medical journals
  • Dedicated website
  • DMs to Doctors, Nutritionists and Dieticians
  • Waiting room collateral

Consumer campaign:

  • Mainstream advertising: TV, transit and print
  • Digital campaign: banner ads and website with a test site locator tool
  • SMS locator functionality to direct consumers to testing locations
  • Letter box drops near testing sites 
  • Shopping centre advertising where testing events were held


  • Cholesterol testing installations at the front of 300 WW and Coles stores plus 15 major installations in Shopping Centres
  • Over 1,500 fully trained nurses and phlebotomists to undertake blood prick test analysis
  • Educational collateral to hand out at event 

Shopper campaign

  • Tailored promotions for Woolworths and Coles
  • Promotional POS and catalogue space for each promotion 
  • Packaging – on-pack iconic heart-shaped flash and in-pack messaging

Results demonstrated mass-market engagement, success in immediate sales – impacting directly upon market share, closer partnerships with key retailers and increase in household penetration. 

  • 75,000 adults actively engaged and had their cholesterol tested
  • Highest ever market share for Flora pro-activ
  • Sales increase of over 25%
  • Category growth of 13%

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