Our brief was to make Honda the talk of the Australian International Motor Show and inspire 25,000 show visitors to think about Honda differently as a result of their interactions with the brand. In partnership with technology company Boffswana, we created an interactive Dream Wall using cutting-edge facial recognition and emotion-sensing technology.

The Dream Wall featured a series of cameras concealed along the front of an enormous panel of plasma screens (2.1m high by 5.5m wide). The cameras tracked and detected Show attendees as they walked past. Specialised object recognition software analysed the camera data to determine facial expressions, automatically detecting the smiles of anyone standing in front of the wall. These smiles powered unique ‘dream’ animations about Honda technology. As the animation played, a new Honda ‘dream’ was created by the person interacting with the wall.

As Motor Show visitors experienced this revolutionary technology, the experience was one of genuine awe and discovery.

Over the course of the Show, attendees created more than 10,000 dreams and participated in over 35,000 unique ambient interactions.

The Dream Wall also reached thousands of people online. Within a few days the Dream Wall was featured on over 130 technology and automotive websites. It inspired thousands of social media interactions. It has also won a range of creative awards, including the “Best Entertainment” prize at the AIMIA Awards.

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