DT created the HondaTrope, a first-of-its-kind installation positioned in the heart of the Honda Festival Garden in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

The name HondaTrope comes from anthropotropism: the principle that technologies work better when they respect the nature of the human body and mind. The HondaTrope achieves this by combining the simple pleasures of a playground or funpark ride with a magical digital twist.

The concept centres on a bespoke spinning cup, custom engineered from the ground up. Surrounded by 18 vertical LED light poles, the cup seats up to three people who use the Honda ‘steering wheel’ to get the cup spinning. Once the cup reaches an optimal speed, the light poles slowly reveal a hidden garden – a multi-layered digital environment seen only by those in the HondaTrope.

Huge smiles attest to the HondaTrope’s effect: the installation creates a dream-like ‘here and now’ experience that turns technology into pure joy.

The HondaTrope also won over the judges in the 2013 ADMA and Branded Entertainment awards.

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