Our philosophy forces us to look at life from a customer’s point of view. Tattooed on all our employees are these words:

I’m a customer.

If you don’t listen to me, you won’t understand me.

If you don’t offer me things I want, you are irrelevant.

If you don’t make my life easier, I will avoid you.

If you don’t communicate with me, you are invisible.

If your messages don’t engage me, I will not respond to you.

Sitting behind this philosophy is a range of in-house skills and tools, to help our clients listen to their customers (market research and data analytics), work with them to improve product or service delivery, ease of use or access, and  develop communications that generate awareness and elicit a response (brand perception or sales activity)

Our clients include local and national clients such as Harbour Town brand Outlet Centres (Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth and Adelaide), The University of South Australia, Adelaide Casino, SA Water, SkyCity Darwin, CIC Adelaide and Darwin, HomeStart Finance, The Jewellery Group, Repromed/Monash IVF to name a few.

Work by Jamshop

Peter Joy, Principal & Strategy Director

Jim Robinson, Principal & Creative Director

277 Rundle Street
Adelaide, SA
(08) 8100 9100

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