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We have an in-depth understanding of the Australian consumer and a unique perspective on the difficulty of connecting with them in today’s world. In our view, effectively engaging people has never been harder.  They’re message fatigued, desensitised, mistrustful of institutions, highly empowered to disengage and more likely to believe anyone but marketers.

We have a mantra. We refer to ourselves as Curious, Obsessive, Browsers. 

Curious, because we’re opening new doors and pioneering new things. Obsessive about creating effective ideas, and overcoming obstacles, and Browsers in that we believe seeking out knowledge is vital, for it is with the ad man as with the cow: No Browsing, No Milk. That mantra goes for all staff, not just those with a creative title. At JWT our purpose is simple: be the Antidote to Indifference by creating experiences that make the indifferent think, feel and act differently.

In our view, an indifferent response is money wasted. An Intense Response is value created. The Intense Response is a reaction to work that results in a change of attitude and behaviour; it can leave a lasting impression that can make the indifferent think, feel and act differently.

The pursuit of the Intense Response has changed the way we work. It influences everything we do: the questions we ask our clients, the way we develop our insights and strategies, our creative thinking and how we judge our work. To that end we have combined our many years of communications experience with the latest thinking from fields as wide as behavioural economics and neuroscience, plus ‘JWT SkunkWorks’, to help us understand how we can create effective communications.

We call this way of thinking ‘Indifference Sensitivity’ and we think it’s pretty exciting. It’s part of our language, our culture and critically, it helps us to be the Antidote to Indifference.

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