A lot can happen in twenty years. In 1995, Coolio, Michael Jackson and Take That were at the top of the charts. Braveheart had just hit the silver screen. The likes of Facebook, Google and Instragram were just a figment of the imagination.

It was in 1995 that Lend Lease first introduced the blue canopy logo, then a strong symbol of unity. In the twenty years since, Lendlease has gone through extraordinary growth, recently emerging out of a five year strategy to re-establish themselves as leaders in the category. Today, in 2015, it’s an exciting time to be at Lendlease – the future is bright for this contemporary, diverse and international business. After periods of strong growth and business change, the time was right to evolve and refresh the brand’s identity.

Houston undertook an in-depth collaboration and consultation process with key Lendlease stakeholders, examining what the brand stood for, and where it was headed. We believe good ideas are the currency of progress, and the culmintation of this process was a bold new design to celebrate the diversity of Lendlease. We said a fond farewell to the blue canopy, and introduced the world to a fresh new logo, affectionally referred to as The Fold.

The Fold provides a unique identity that stretches from consumer to business, enterprise to government partnerships and local to international markets. Lendlease is increasingly known for creating some of the best, most vibrant places around the world. The fluid Fold logo puts the business in an ideal position to maximse the benefits of the remarkable pipleline of projects, allowing ultimate flexibility and diversity across projects, places and communities. The Fold was the answer to a great brief; create a logo that is ahead of the pack, celebrates the organisation’s diversity and talent, is clever and adaptive and can stand alongside other global brands with confidence and endurance. Colour is a critically important element of the new identity. Havine one corporate colour limited the ability to truly represent our diversity. So we broadened the colour palette, allowing a multitude of applications across all touchpoints.

For us, this was always more than a visual change. It was a chance to creatively express who Lend Lease is and herald this exciting new phase in the business’ strategic evolution. 

And it wasn’t just the logo we refreshed. We joined Lend and Lease together to create one word, not two. It symbolises that although Lendlease encompasses many diverse businesses, they are a genuinely integrated business – one Lendlease.

We are exceptionally proud of the work we have produced and the process we undertook to get there. It has been a privelege refreshing such an iconic Australian brand.

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