XION took on the challenge with the understanding and sensitivity of the local Indonesian market imagined a more engaging experiential campaign that encompassed virality aimed at boosting point of sale.

A social media campaign was targeted to fit in with Indonesian’s engagement habits and XION created a state of the art digital artificial intelligence “Angel” mascot named Gabriella for consumers to engage with.

Online, using Artificial Intelligence we let Gabriella decide if a user deserved positive or negative points. This became the challenge of the competition and users were driven to point of sale to collect unique codes to advance further with Gabriella.

To further entice and engage users online, XION created a one-on-one relationship with Gabriella which enabled them to interact with her on-screen via the physical Lynx (AXE) deodrant bottle.

At the end of the campaign, the brand chose 4 of the most active users who had redeemed the most Axe points throughout the campaign and the prize was to win a date with an “Angel”, a local celebrity of their choice.

During the 10 week campaign period over 25,000 users engaged with the campaign and over 60% of those users completed all the tasks interacting with the angels.

From a social perspective, over 24,000 Facebook invites were sent to friends and Lynx (AXE’s) Facebook community increased by 400,000 Likes.

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