The reality was they needed to increase the number and quality of applicants going through the McDonald’s franchisee training programme and raise awareness around the stability of the franchise investment.

While the McDonald’s brand is one of the world’s most successful and well recognised, the financial merits of owning a franchise are not widely known. History clearly demonstrates the McDonald’s franchise model is a reliable, stable investment option, offering quality return on investment. It was this fact – combined with recent economic uncertainty and the demise of ‘traditionally safe’ investment companies – that sparked our core campaign theme. 

A solid, stable investment opportunity with a star global brand makes for an attractive proposition, and as such, this is what we leveraged. A traditional print campaign was selected as the ideal means of getting in front of the target audience: affluent, business-minded professionals able to make a significant financial and time commitment for a quality return. 

From the outset, our intention was to make it very obvious these communications were not consumer-oriented. To achieve this, art direction steered away from the current consumer look and feel – opting instead for the ‘classic’ McDonald’s red and gold. This quickly gave the ads the necessary point of difference, while also adding an element of pedigree and sophistication to the look. The bold, uncluttered design let the power of the iconic brand do the work, while copy was kept succinct, yet compelling and thought-provoking. 

Our goal with the print executions was ultimately to ‘plant a seed’. The core proposition of a solid investment opportunity was made clear without having to drown the reader in detail. So from here, interested parties simply had to visit the campaign’s web destination,

This directed candidates to the Franchisee page on the main McDonald’s website, for which supporting campaign information was developed by HainesAttract, outlining the key ingredients required to be a successful Franchisee. The campaign was also leveraged into internal communications and direct mail, where high-net small business owners were targeted with custom DM pieces and eDM folllow up.

The results generated were significant given the financial investment required by applicants to qualify. Specific results include:

  • Traffic to the landing page spiked 400% as a result of the campaign. 
  • The campaign generated 76 expressions of interest in the week following media placement. This represented 13 times the number of expressions of interest recieved on average.

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