DT revamped the MCEC website from the ground up based on a cycle of multiple user testing sessions and detailed refinement from those findings. Working collaboratively with the MCEC we consulted groups of event industry professionals, found their core needs and consequently produced a site, which successfully met their objectives.

We started with a simple question – how do you convey the atmosphere of a room or space efficiently? Our learnings from the user testing phase indicated that MCEC’s key audience of event and meeting planners needed a wide range of images and detailed copy and specifications. So we art directed photo shoots for the MCEC spaces and worked closely with internal stakeholders to develop rich, usable copy.

A new website with richer content also demanded a stronger technical infrastructure to support optimised content display and enable easy updates. After understanding the MCEC’s requirements and the parameters of the content, we chose SiteCore. In close collaboration with our technical UX architect, we constructed and modelled the CMS to deliver better management efficiency and client experience.

This project marks a huge achievement for the MCEC and DT team, as it celebrates successful client collaboration, integrating seamlessly at every stage of the process. The result? A unique and helpful user experience.

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