We were challenged to show the 2014 ASX as the stylish SUV. But the ASX is not only about style, it’s also about its incredible agility and maneuverability. So who better to demonstrate its practicality through tight city streets and around corners, than a bike-courier?

We begin this story with a bike-courier carrying a small parcel. He’s 30 something, fit and athletic in appearance. But as he leaves the building and walks towards his bike – we realise it’s strapped to the roof of his ASX. He hops into his nimble and street-smart ASX.

Edited to the cool tunes of Icona Pop’s soundtrack “I love it” we follow our bike courier effortlessly maneuvering through the city streets in his city-sized ASX – all along with his bike strapped to the roof. The story ends with our courier driving past an attractive female onlooker who’s evidently impressed – not just with the driver, but with the car itself.  

The commercial helped position the 2014 ASX as a desirable SUV that not only has good looks, but smarts as well. As a result, online and sales enquiries went through the roof.

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