The work broke from the established ‘selling’ norms of FMCG communication and turned inspirational storyteller, heroing extraordinary individuals who exemplified the brand belief that anyone can be unstoppable. Just 12 weeks into the campaign baseline sales have reversed from -6.4% to +12.7%, profitability has already smashed the target, delivering $1.86 million incremental profit.

This idea was brought to life under the storytelling banner, with inspiring storytelling on the two key fronts: emotional and sensory.

Primary – emotional: inspiring teens in life

Nutri-grain needed to ditch the campaign mentality and be always on like our target teens. So we designed an always-on branded entertainment ecosystem featuring stories of extraordinary young people that let nothing  – and we mean nothing – stop them from reaching their goals.

The content was ‘presented by’ Nutri-grain with book ended titles. The only branding within was a subtle ‘bolt’ graphic. There was no food in this activity.  Nutri-Grain wasn’t trying to sell teens anything in the hub, just inspire them to do what they wanted to do.

We broke the content into two phases: seeding and mass launch.

Seeding: Teens need to have a sense of discovery on content that is ‘for them.’ To do this, our Hero stories were seeded throughout teen-specific media partnerships with Boom, Pedestrian TV, Unruly, and Xaxis media, which drove them to YouTube to watch the full story. This appeared as native content by teen influencers to gain instant credibility and curiosity around our branded content hub.

Launch: Once teens had a good sense of the content, we launched our Hero stories on a larger scale on YouTube and Facebook. We drove people to search out the story on a mass level via two :30 TVCs.

In addition to the Hero stories, we had supporting elements of the campaign:
•    A PR event to launch the branded content hub at the Australian Open of Surfing. This featured our first Unstoppable hero, Derek Rabelo.
•    Two Hub stories of existing brand ambassadors, Nutri-Grain Iron Men.

In just 12 weeks baseline sales have already seen a turn around of 18.8% . This means in addition to being -6.4% the previous year, we’ve increased baseline sales a statistically significant 12.7 %. This has generated $1.8 M in gross profit for the brand.

Against a target uplift from 25% to 30%, we met and exceeded this achieving a Total Branded Communications Awareness of 33% .  Branded awareness of the first story alone was 54% (vs a Millward Brown norm of 30%)

Additionally – The campaign generated 3 million views in the first 12 weeks

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