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Previous communications positioned a career in the NZ Police as a way to get a ‘more exciting job’. However we were in the aftermath of the February Christchurch Earthquake, undeniably the most significant natural disaster in this country’s history. The Police were heralded for the way they handled the disaster and the role they played in the fallout from this event was ‘extraordinary’ rather than ‘exciting’. 

Tell ‘extraordinary’ stories from the Police, in an extraordinary way. 

Artists like Banksy and Mr Brain Wash have recently catapulted Street Art into popular culture. 

A medium frowned up upon by the Police when unauthorized, Street Art offered an instant juxtaposition to engage and inspire a young and ultimately cynical audience. 

A high profile street artist was commissioned and to execute four murals depicting the ‘extraordinary’ stories. All murals were sanctioned with respective councils and property owners. This ensured the campaign was credible and legitimate. 

We engaged TVNZ to create content pieces telling the background stories that inspired the murals and the content then interwove these stories with the mural installations. This content was seeded on TVNZ U (TVNZ’s youth channel) and through social media platforms. 

Adshels were used to extend the reach of the campaign and QR codes were placed on the executions directly linking people to the respective content pieces. 

Digital was used to close the loop and convert awareness into action. 

  • 277% increase to recruitment website over campaign period
  • 91% increase in webinar completion during campaign 
  • $230k worth of PR exposure for campaign 

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