Working with Queensland Health, TNS and Mediacom, we realised that they know how to be sun safe… they just need to be reminded. Our challenge was not to educate them, but to engage them. The problem is young people have zero interest in engaging with a government safety message.

So we created someone they would listen to–SunMum. She is big and hairy and terrible at every aspect of parenting except sun safety.

We used online video and a TVC to introduce her to young Queenslanders, then we set her loose on the one platform they check every single day with the Sun Mum Weather Service – a weather and UV radiation forecast just for young Queenslanders that lives in Facebook.

To date, the online videos have racked up over 450,000 views and Sun Mum is in demand at events and schools, but more importantly over 33,000 young Queenslanders and counting now wake up every day and actually look forward to a government safety message in the precious Facebook feeds.

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