Ogilvy Impact

We realised a great story exists in who they are, in ‘their people’, whose  sincerity, spontaneity and heart set Shangri-La apart. But there was a challenge: we had to keep the brand’s inner soul alive in the hearts of 66,000 individuals as Shangri-La continues to expand around the world.

At the heart of the brand was a unique and compelling philosophy: Shangri-La treats guests not as king, but as kin, as family. But before we could tell the world its story, we had to overcome one hurdle: we needed to  ensure consistency in delivering our philosophy across all our properties – with 66,000 employees spread around the world and new faces joining regularly.  

We decided to build the brand from the inside out. Training materials, staff events and activities, were all developed with one objective: inspire the staff.  These efforts started 6 months before the campaign’s public launch and are on-going to continually engage employees and inspire them to live and breathe the brand values.  

Following the activity, evaluation surveys showed spikes in staff affinity with the brand: 84% connected with the brand values, 82% felt more involved than before.  These improvements correlated with real gains in guest satisfaction: 92% of hotels increased satisfaction levels.

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