Millers Point, Sydney

Siblings form an important part of any family sharing a common love and bond for one another while often being wildly different. This co-existence creates healthy rivalry, respect and diversity. 

Drawing from this inspiration, Sibling is a purpose-built agency established by the STW Group dedicated solely to Westfield. Consolidating disciplines as varied as integrated strategy, digital, in-centre communications, public relations and media all under the one roof. Most Siblings, aside from a few creatives, have been united from within the STW Group of agencies, including Moon Communications, Ikon Communications and Pulse. 

Sibling focuses on customer, content and context with an agnostic path to idea generation. Sibling removes the divide between the client and the agency to become one. 

In essence, we are like a Sibling to Westfield.
As they are to us.

Fleur Marks 
Managing Director
Ph. +61 2 8081 0730
Ad. Level 2, No. 1 Kent Street 
Millers Point Sydney NSW 2000


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