They turned to Designworks to develop the strategy for change. The new brand created for Telecom is a mark symbolic of change, of a business beginning to operate in a different way.

Designworks worked at board level with Telecom to define the brand strategy that would transform the organisation from a technology business, to one that merely uses technology to deliver end-user benefits. A sea change, from a ‘me’ brand focussed on wires and technology, to a ‘You’ brand – here to create the perfect environment for You to be You. As such, everything about the brand needed to be driven by three core principles – Simple, Confident and Human.

Built upon the core idea – Our expression is your expression – Designworks worked to help re-energise the brand at every touchpoint. We created a new logo – the ‘spark’ – as a representation of individual expression and energy. it is the symbol of a re-energised, more user-centric organization and is designed to house as many ideas, opinions, conversations and stories as there are customers.

The idea is that the simple, childlike mark is one that anyone could make appears everywhere from phone boxes on the street, to retail design, to comms, packaging, in store and on internal brand programmes.

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