Ogilvy Public Relations Australia

Our challenge was to develop a communications campaign that would encourage stakeholder involvement and attract media attention, including a national activity that could be used as a focus for the Week

Research showed that whilst 77% of Australians are willing to become organ and tissue donors, only 17% have had a memorable discussion with their loved ones. Focus groups confirmed people needed help to start conversations about end-of-life matters. Research also revealed that the public is more likely to take action if they see the emotional and personal side of organ and tissue donation.  

To create a focal talking point for the Week, Ogilvy Public Relations developed the “The DonateLife Book of Life: A collection of life-saving and life-changing stories from people touched by organ and tissue donation”. The book comprised a collection of inspiring stories from donors’ families, donor recipients and the medical community. 

A number of giant books were produced to travel throughout Australia during the Week. They were supported by an online version to which the general public could submit stories. The DonateLife Book of Life was a drawcard  at events and generated a groundswell of interest in each state and territory. The Book provided many angles for media coverage, including compelling human interest stories as well as its hospital and library launches.

Through the book’s stories, the community were inspired to have a discussion with their loved ones.Campaign results were increased levels of family discussion by 10%, of which 83% were rated by respondents as memorable conversations; widespread media coverage consisting of  

837 media items reaching a cumulative audience of 44,315,740 Australians; and participation by many community groups in the Week with the Book featuring at 47 events. The DonateLife Book of Life has been so successful that after a whole year it still continues to travel around Australia with its virtual version now having 250 stories. 

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