Taranaki is the oil & gas, and dairy hub of New Zealand. And they’re a region with big plans for the future, aiming to raise their population to 130,000 from 100,000 by 2030. The Swap Sides campaign was launched to kickstart activity towards this goal and to leverage the RWC and its fans. Expats, other domestic regions, The UK and South Africa were all key target groups.

Execution was hinged around a series of juxtapositions highlighting negative aspects of the audience’s current life or location, and the comparable positives available in Taranaki. The intent of all nine ads developed was to show that things were better on the Taranaki side of life, and making the move is easy. Visually the ads were bold, proud and strong to reflect the spirit of the region, while the copy was kept brief, friendly and enticing.

The campaign harnessed a wide range of communication channels including press, radio, online contextual advertising, web banners, and billboard advertising. Each channel directed people to a specific landing page hosted within the broader Taranaki Regional website. People were asked to register their interest for a chance to win a prize, redeemable in Taranaki. The site contained further information, a job board, and information to assist skilled migrants and those in other parts of New Zealand in making the move.

Since the campaign over 300 families have requested information packs and there has been a spike in job applications across the region. And with a long term outlook of 1 – 2 years,  2011 represented the start of an exciting journey for Taranaki to build a pipeline of candidates for local business, allowing for economic growth and the future development of the region.

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