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 In the past two years viewers have been able to see updated results and watch cricket live on their mobile for free on Vodafone, however it was clear that we needed to make this experience more immersive and tap in to the social participation TV trend.

In an Australian first partnership with channel 9’s Wide World of Sports Vodafone created an innovative branded mobile app using ipowow technology. The app allowed the cricket audience to offer an immediate opinion on situations happening  in real time within the game such as ‘will Sri Lanka win from here?’, ‘how many runs will be scored?’ and ‘is it in or out?’.

During the course of the 6 tests, 69 questions were asked at crucial moments and app users were alerted via text letting them know that Viewers’ Verdict was now live.

The viewers’ verdict was then displayed on the screen and continued to change as more and more fans engaged. The technology enabled avid arm chair fans to be transported to the sidelines giving them the chance to truly participate and provided us the opportunity to demonstrate our brand promise ‘power to you’.

Downloads reached over 700,000, 130% over our initial benchmark. The app interaction time was on average 6minutes per session with some questions reaching 9mins. It wasn’t a one hit wonder, 80% of visitors came back to the app more than once – 2.5mil visits, so an average 3.5 interactions per person.

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