The Problem: Bowel cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in Australia. It’s no longer an old persons disease, people as young as 30 are being diagnosed. The Jodi Lee Foundation wanted to raise awareness on bowel cancer and how early detection can save lives.

The Challenge: Bowel cancer isn’t a ‘sexy’ cancer. You’re dealing with samples of human poo and no one wants to talk about it. A traditional advertising campaign would probably at best cause a temporary spike in bowel cancer awareness that would eventually erode once the campaign ran its media course. We needed an idea that would keep the issue top of mind.

The Solution: Make the core of the subject matter relevant to everyday life.

The Execution: We created a public forum called ‘whatsh-tsyou.com’ that allows people to vent about the funny things in life that give them the shits. We blended ‘the sell’ with ‘entertainment’ so people could relate, interact and contribute. And by giving people reason to engage in the conversation, they also became aware of the prevalence of bowel cancer. Because it gives us the shits that so many people unnecessarily die from bowel cancer every year. And to encourage people to the site we created full page press ads that listed quirky things that give people the shits.

The Results: The tongue in cheek campaign generated significant online buzz and social media activity, raised the profile of the Jodi Lee Foundation and put bowel cancer messages in front of a new audience.

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